Calling All Former Members and Their Family Members!


As we move through our 2016, we have had the pleasure of celebrating our 100th Anniversary with the public on the 4th of July, with our after parade barbecue.  We followed that event up with a ‘Current Member’ picnic at the end of July where members and their families went to a picnic ground that had a number of fun activities for everyone to partake in .  Now, to cap off our Anniversary year, we are looking to have an event for all of our past and current members in the fall, held at the station celebrating our 100 years of service to Franklin Township … but we need your help!

In 2016, email and social media is common place, but many past members may not have had email when they were members or those emails have changed.  Likewise, people have changed phone numbers over the years and moved, so the contact information we have for them is outdated as well.  We are asking that anyone who was a former member or a family member of a former member to please contact us utilizing the Contact Form below or the following email address:

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