Engine 44-1 Replacement Project News!

Over the past 10 months, members of the New Engine Committee, here at Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department have been meeting and diligently laying out what the new 44-1 Engine will look like and include.  We have met with multiple apparatus vendors during this time and have analyzed what options are offered versus what we are looking for in our new apparatus.  We have also painstakingly gone through each component of the apparatus, from door types (rollup or hinged) to discharge and intake options and have all come to an agreement for each of the options chosen.  At that point, we waited to see what the vendors would come back with and make a decision from there, then gain approval from our Board of Commissioners on our decision.  We are happy to say that we gained approval at last month’s Commissioners meeting and all appropriate documentation has been completed and submitted, so as of this morning, we were informed that our apparatus ordering process has begun.

That said, I am happy and proud to announce, that our partner for our new Engine 44-1 is Spartan Motors through Campbell Supply!  We will be getting a Spartan Gladiator LLFD Cab, with a 2,000GPM Qmax-XS Pump and the apparatus will hold 750 gallons of water.  Members of the meeting will be attending a pre-construction conference in the coming months to finalize all of the details, so there is definitely more to come in the future!  We wanted to share the exciting news with everyone … below you will see our latest drawing detailing the layout of the new apparatus.  We can’t wait to share this process with you all in the next year as 44-1 is being built.

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