Mayday / Hose Evolution Drill – July 5th, 2016


On Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 Middlebush Vol Fire Department held their monthly drill night.  The drill this month focused around the ‘Mayday’ SOG’s that we have in our district as well as a hose evolution with 2 crews … suppression and search.  Using our smoke machine, we filled the front engine bay at the station with smoke and created an obstacle course of furniture and other items for firefighters to navigate through.  In addition, during each hose evolution, the search team was looking to rescue our ‘victim’ from peril, buried somewhere deep in the smoke.

These monthly training exercises are vital to Volunteer firefighters, as many members don’t work in the field of firefighting during the day.  Keeping our skills as high as possible, while trying to have some fun at the same time, will help us prepare for the next ‘Big One’ whenever that may be.  Please see the video below for an example of one of our evolutions!


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