Middlebush Fire Stands by for Medevac Landing

This morning, 7/15/2016, Middlebush Volunteer Fire in conjunction with the Franklin Township Police Department, assisted in clearing the landing zone and monitoring the landing of a NJ Medevac Helicopter at the corner of Amwell Road and Demott Lane.  We had a crew of 8 in attendance with multiple pieces of apparatus as well as a crew from the Middlebush Fire Police take part in this event.
Every year, the Franklin Township Police Department hosts the Police Youth Academy Class.  This program brings approximatley 30 young people, aged between 7th and 10th grade,  to the police station to learn the different aspects of law enforcement … you can learn more here.

In addition, if you are interested, you can follow the 2016 classes experience on the Township’s Facebook page here.

Here are a few pictures from this morning from the landing zone …

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