Middlebush Volunteer Fire Goes Mobile!


Over the past year, Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department has made some sweeping changes on the technology front.  First we enhanced our Social Media presence from just Facebook, and now have a Twitter handle, Instagram handle and a YouTube channel.  The next step was to upgrade our website infrastructure, going to a Google based platform for organizational collaboration and bringing the Departments Website in house and using newer and therefore easier technology to publish and update our site.  The last piece of our technology upgrades was to put the most important information for our members at their fingertips, while also creating a forward facing information hub for the public to utilize in App form … and now it’s here!

Launched earlier this week for our members, we are happy to announce that the Middlebush Volunteer Fire App is available (for Apple and Droid based devices) for the public to download now as well!  The public facing section of the App offers a contact information page, quick links to our Website and Facebook pages as well as our Commissioners Facebook page.  Most importantly though, our public calendar is now available within the app and is updated regularly … this calendar will contain event information, such as our Santa in the Park Event (December 17th).

Now, if you want access to the additional sections of the App, then come on down to Station 44 on Tuesday nights and become a member!  The members section has information that is useful for all of our members and will allow us to connect and collaborate easier.  Below are the links for the respective app pages:





Check out some screen shots of the App below and we hope you enjoy it!

img_3287 img_3288 img_3290

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