SCBA Confidence Drill at Station 44

On Tuesday June 7th, 2016, Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department hosted an SCBA Confidence drill at the station for all of it’s members to participate in.  The drill consisted of multiple stations, with different fire scene tasks that needed to be completed while on air.  The stations consisted of: low profile maneuvering, pulling a tangled charged hose line and flowing water, rolling one length of hose, using an ax (simulating forcible entry), reaching with a pike pole (simulating overhaul), starting a gas powered saw, walking 100 feet and then ascending and descending a ladder.  Once complete, we then checked each participants level of air left in their pack bottles and emphasized how important air usage is while on a fire scene.

Also, an important aspect of the evening to note was our first Live broadcast!  Utilizing Facebook live, we streamed 3 members runs of the course.  In the future we will be utilizing this during other drills so that we can interact with everyone, so stay tuned for future training notifications!

Below is one of the videos of the drill.  Please check out our Facebook page for more!

Station 44 SCBA Confidence Drill

Posted by Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department – Station 44 on Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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