Week in Review: Inspection Prep, District Inspection & 100 Years of Service!


Last week, Middlebush Volunteer Fire Department had an extremely busy week, as our Annual District Inspection by the Commissioners of Franklin Township Fire District 1 was to take place at 10am on Saturday morning 10/8/16.  Inspection preparation work nights took place every night of the week with multiple members coming down to the station to perform tasks such as: cleaning of the apparatus, organization and cleaning of all cabinets on the apparatus, the review and painting/sharpening of any tools, engine bay clean up and organization and much more.  Many members were able to contribute over those nights of work, but a big thanks goes out to those who showed up every night and Saturday morning.  We were able to knockout all of the tasks that were pre-identified, as well as get some other things done that we had not anticipated or planned on.  By the end of the final work night, the station looked squeaky clean, the apparatus looked fantastic and while everyone was exhausted, we were happy with the results of all the hard work.

The next morning, a number of members came to the station at 8am to provide some final touches on the vehicles and make sure everything was in order.  When 10am arrived, the Commissioners pulled into the parking lot and so began our Inspection.  Attending members lined up in formation for inspection and once reviewed, made their way to their pre-assigned apparatus that would be inspected.  As the Commissioners made their way through each piece of apparatus, the reviews were in … all the hard work by all those members spending late nights down the station was worth it, as everything was in tip top shape and great condition.  Upon completion of a brief review of the mornings inspection results, the MVFD Members and the Commissioners took a few pictures together and then the Commissioners were on their way to inspect the next District station.  Below you can see pictures from not only the work nights, but also from the day of the inspection … but don’t go anywhere because once inspection ended, we started working all over again but with a different goal in mind (continue below the pictures).


The moment that District Inspection ended, we turned our attention to setup for the evenings event that was to take place beginning at 6pm … our 100 Years of Service Celebration.  All the apparatus were moved as needed and the front engine bay was cleared out to begin the prep work … since the engine bay was already squeaky clean, we could move on to decorating and setup.  A planned event since earlier in the year, all current members, along with any former members that we could find through either social media or other methods was invited to come celebrate the departments history and have some fun.  Without going through all of the details … the engine bay was decorated elegantly in tulle and twinkle lights, tables were setup in the bay for the attendees and there were 4 screens setup to display both digital and slide images.  The images represented the departments past 100 years … everyone was able to reminisce and discuss former members, see all the past trainings and events, remember retired apparatus, and of course discuss fires and accident scenes.  In addition, to the images and the decorations, there was food available, a DJ to play some music and a photo booth for everyone to get goofy in. Overall, the evening was fantastic and again, a huge thanks goes out to those who setup for the event as well as those who stayed hours later to make sure the station was clean and we were ready to roll in case a call came in.  Below are two galleries … the first represents some pictures from the celebration and the second represents historical department pictures that were shown during the event …  enjoy them!

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