Welcome to the NEW Middlebush Fire Website!


Hello, there everyone!  Middlebush Volunteer Fire Company welcomes you to the new and improved www.middlebushfire.com!  Over the past couple of years, we realized that the growing popularity in social media and website interactions have grown tremendously.  A few years ago we created and implemented our Facebook site, which has grown to be a huge success.  Some of you may have even tuned in to see a ‘Live Video’ on Faecebook of some drills over the past couple of months!  All of that said, we knew that it was time to update our website and make it easier to read, easier to navigate and most of all … easier to use, so more members can post and share the goings on of the department.

We began development of the site back in February of 2016, with the goal to reference the past site, but to push forward to modern technology.  The website was home grown with input from the entire Website committee and now, on July 13th, 2016, we can officially say we have gone live with our new site!  Our old site, www.middlebushfire.org, will redirect to this site as well … some of our signs and banners have the old site address and it was important to maintain that address.

As you go through the website, you’ll see that posts began back in February … we’ve kept all of the information from our ‘build’ site to show you what we couldn’t on the other site along the way.  In addition, with additional functionality, we can bring you videos, pictures and most important … information to the public in seconds.  Welcome to our new site … make sure to bookmark us in your browser and pop in once and a while to see whats going on.  Also, our future events are now listed on the calendar page along with times, so if your interested, you will know where to find us :).

Thanks for reading and welcome!

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